Watercolour – Aquarell


In preparation to my big trip to Myanmar, I started seriously working on my watercolour skills. I learned a lot about watercolours on YouTube and bought a couple of books of which Painting in Watercolour – The Indispensable Guide by David Webb was the most helpful.

A selection of watercolour paper that I used

I realized that the best paper is unfortunately the most expensive paper. The 100% cotton papers by Arches, Stonehenge etc.

The same was true with the watercolour paint. Fortunately I already owned a watercolour pad from Schmincke. It is fully loaded with 30 watercolour pans, Of which I later learned I needed only 15. Through my YouTube videos I got onto Daniels Smith watercolour paint and I must say I like them as much as the Schmincke.

Daniel Smith and Schmincke watercolour palette.

I am using watercolour brushes by Escoda from Barcelona. Mine are the Joseph Zbukvic signature brushes. On top of that I travel with some water brushes that come very handy, when the water supply is scarce.

This time i am traveling again with two Stillman and Birg sketchbooks. One with brown paper. Let’s see how that will go.