Territories-Territorien-Territorios 2017

After the interesting artist symposium in São Paulo in 2017 and the following exhibition in Nuremberg, where Pontecultura e.V., an exchange Non-Profit art association is situated, there will be happening a continuation of the 2017 theme in September 2019 in Belem, North Brazil.

For this occasion I want to revisit 2017 and then explain my newest body of work and how it connects with the topic.

Three Leporellos – Instruments of a Lost Future

We started in 2017 with an exhibition in Espaço Nexus , São Paulo where I showed these three works from my Instruments of a Lost Future series. This series. More of this in terms of size very versatile series can be seen on my website.

After the exhibition we spent roughly a week in the wonderful house of fellow artist Damara Bianconi with talks excursions , movies and of course working towards the Territorios theme.


On this little table I started my love affair with the very demanding medium watercolour and it has been an increasingly pleasant relationship, between my Schmincke Watercolour pad, the paper, and me.

I traveled to Germany the same year in September, with art from my new body of work:

Of Bots, Drones and other Invasive Species.

Exhibition view.

Shortly after this exhibition the conversation about bringing this subject back to Brazil and having an exhibition in Belem on the Amazon started.