Myanmar Fishing Boat Series

When I travelled to Myanmar in end of January 2019, I was still hurting from the sale of my own boat in December. I had a deep passion and love for going out on the beautiful Pacific Ocean in the Northwest and enjoyed observing whales, dolphins and all the other animals that one can see in abundance here. The beauty of the coast made a deep impact on me.

When I started painting the boats and tall ships in the south of Burma, I was bit by bit able to heal from the deep sadness that I felt inside of me.

After four week trip I realized that I had found a new subject matter, that in odd way connected to my former more abstract shapes of the Instruments of a Lost Future. It became also obvious that this body of work will seamlessly fit in my never ending love affair with TIME and SPACE.

These boats look ages old, but could also sail the waters in a distant horrifying future.

This painting above is the first of six large watercolours. All in the same size, 44,5×60 inch. They will depict boats or other vehicles in an abstract space.

The watercolour below shows a Hpa-An gravel digging ship. It is painted on handmade Indian watercolour paper. 30x40inch.

Hpa-AN, M
New Territories 4 – 22x30inch/56x76cm
New Territories 3 – 22x30inch/56x76cm

Another, smaller work in this series is the cargo-motorcycle below. There are a lot of interesting means of transportation in Myanmar. Perfect for my watercolours.

Cargo motorcycle. Watercolour
New Territories 7 – 11.8×15.7inch/30x40cm