Digital Series: How did I do it?

Since I started the series Instruments of a Lost Future, end of 2014 – in oil and acrylic on canvas, I wanted to do a series of works on paper as well. But owning a gallery and art rental place does not allow much time for my own work, which, I have to admit, makes me often grumpy.

I had to find a tool that could be my creative outlet that I could use in the little time that was left. When I bought my IPad Pro I knew that this was it.


The number of amazing apps for iPad and iPhone is incredible. I must say that I am addicted to finding interesting and useful new ones. A couple of my favourite apps that I use for quite a while are: Stackables, and Matter.


In Stackables I created the background from the filters that I created myself – the possibilities are infinite.

Matter er was very tempting for my work, but the shapes were pre-made and I wanted to use my own shapes. Thankfully Matter gives users the possibility to import his/her own files in the obj format.The problem was now, to find an app for iPad that creates obj files.



Finally I found 3D Pro, a fairly simple program, maybe a bit old fashioned, but exactly what I needed.

Simplicity was what I wanted to achieve in the forms and I very soon was able to do exactly what I needed.



Bit by bit I repeated the forms of my original series and imported them into Matter.


And these are the final results: