Commission Work for Film Clients

Working for Film clients is a lot of fun, but also stressful
There is the timeline for example. One week for a large painting is not unusual.When there is more time it more often also happens that the job gets changed During the process.
Not too easy when you are already three quarters finished.
Then there is quoting a price. This is always a tricky part. Not too high and not too low of course: A problem for  all freelance creative workers.
There is no formula, since every job is different. Unfortunately I am quoting most of the time too low and put way more hours into the job than I wanted.
Perfectionism is my problem. Letting a work go before being 100% satisfied.

For a long time a quote from an art teacher stayed with me and I would love to be able to apply it to work, that has a strict timeline:

Each stage of an artwork should have meaning.

In my words:

Each stage of an artwork should look finished.

So if my time runs out, I can at least say to myself: The painting is finished, maybe not in the tiniest detail, but what matters in the image is well defined. I tend to overdo it, so I am happy that I get feedback from my husband and former art director Sandy: Enough, stop!

Above is my last commissioned piece, a 40×70 (100cm x 176cm) for a Russian themed set;

I prepared the image on the computer and we printed it on canvas on our large format printer. After a fluid laminate, I painted on it, bringing out detail, shadows, and light.

Nice to hear from the client that it made the set!